Relatively unknown to most people living in the West until recently, cupping therapy is an alternative therapeutic method that has been popular in China since around 1000BC.

Cupping works by placing a glass or plastic cup on the skin. A vacuum is created inside the cup whereby it ‘sucks’ the skin up allowing new blood flow to the area.

It is painless and fantastic for regenerating muscle tissue.

Used for enhancing circulation, help in relieving pain, inflammation, stretching tight fascia and as an alternative type of deep tissue massage.

I use cupping in combination with acupuncture needles in treatment as well as cupping on its own with massage.


Reknown as a natural facelift in the East. A Facial Cupping uses small customised glass cups specifically designed for the face.

The Facial starts with a cleanse using rose water followed by a steamed cleanse using cotton cloths to ensure the face is completely clean.

I then provide a shoulder, neck and facial massage using a nourishing skin oil before starting the facial cupping.

The cups vary in size depending on the area of the face being cupped.

The Reverse suction works to gently lift the facial tissues improving blood circulation to the skin, thereby toning the tissue with a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients, stimulating collagen, elastin as well as relieving facial tightness.

I use purely natural products from

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