Children are very responsive to acupuncture and common ailments can be wonderfully helped through stimulating acupuncture points and their meridians. Being young, their bodies react quickly to stimulation.

I do not use needles on babies but instead use a combination of acupressure and Chinese massage, known as Tuina.

I have a variety of non needle techniques that I utilise with children under the age of 7 and for those that are scared of needles.

I show parents specific massage techniques which they can do at home to benefit their child’s condition between treatments.

Other Chinese modalities, such as moxa and gold magnets over acupuncture points are very good alternatives to needles.

Dietary habits play a key role in children’s health and their presenting childhood complaints and therefore more often than not, I will give recommendations and explanations in regards to nutrition from a Chinese Medicine perspective to aid wellbeing.

Since completing post graduate paediatric courses in 2014 & 2015, I have treated a range of childhood complaints, from bedwetting, asthma, nasal congestion to tummy aches.

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